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In our blog,  Cal Point Mortgage aim to demystify the home-buying process and arm you with valuable and actionable insight and advice. You won’t find any industry jargon here, but you will discover a treasure trove of mortgage-related information on everything. Stop by often to access the resources that will ensure you make the best decision regarding your unique mortgage needs.

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  • New Homeowner Tools of the Trade
    There ought to be a gift registry for all new first time homeowners. Why? Because there are lots of things you’ll need to stock up on after you move in you may never have thought about while you were still in escrow waiting for your moving van to arrive. Check out some of the homeowner […]
  • Did You Know It’s Easier to Buy a Home Now?
    There are a number of myths out there among potential homebuyers. In honor of National Homeownership Month, RE/MAX’s Stephanie Visscher had several of their agents address three of these myths, citing how many first-time buyers may be closer to homeownership than they think. The first is the misconception that a 20% down payment is required […]
  • What is a Buyer vs a Seller’s Market
    There is one verse missing from the famous and well-worn song Turn, Turn, Turn written by the Byrds back in 1962. The one that should be added is “there is a time to buy, a time to sell…” Realtor’s Terri Williams likens it to a card game (which was also a song) about knowing “when […]

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