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In our blog,  Cal Point Mortgage aim to demystify the home-buying process and arm you with valuable and actionable insight and advice. You won’t find any industry jargon here, but you will discover a treasure trove of mortgage-related information on everything. Stop by often to access the resources that will ensure you make the best decision regarding your unique mortgage needs.

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  • Mortgage Policy Check for Trump and Biden
    November 3rd will be one of the most contested and important elections in our nation’s history.  There is a strong contrast between the policy of President Donald Trump and that of his Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. What’s at stake for the mortgage industry in the election 2020 results? President Donald Trump’s Policy […]
  • Agents are, in many ways, like therapists
    Real estate agents have usually seen it all. Aside from knowing the ins and outs of a given real estate deal, they’re also intimately involved with buyers, sellers, lenders, contractors, builders and just about anything related to finding home.  How, then, are they like therapists? Real Estate Agents as Therapists For a start, every day, […]
  • Mortgage Industry Outlook 2021
    What will the mortgage industry look like in 2021? A lot is happening within the mortgage industry and there are worries as well.  The COVID-19 pandemic seems to create a boost for the industry but will its effects continue towards 2021? Another thing to consider is the coming election, what will be its impact, and […]

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